Upington Northern Cape South Africa  

Jogébed Child and Youth Care Centre
is situated in Upington, Northern Cape.

We care for neglected and abandoned children.Each child, whether a day-old baby or a two-year-old toddler, is taken in and receives specialized care and medication. We officially opened our doors on the 1st of January 2005. Jogébed has a live in Centre Manager with day and night care givers. We also have volunteers and a management committee. Since opening our doors, we have admitted 277 children. During 2015 we were registered by the Department of Social Development as a Child and Youth Care Centre with a temporary safe care program. Jogébed CYCC takes care of 10 babies at a time.

During 2007 we opened a Foster Home, taking care of 6 children. We have a live in Foster Mother taking the responsibility of caring for the children in a family environment. We aim to provide to these children long term care or until they can be reunified with their family. We provide a therapeutic, educational, medical and recreational program to these children, preparing them for adulthood.

Jogébed has a Residential Social Worker responsible for all the children in our two centres.

The Jogébed homes is part of 42 other homes in the country that are projects of the AFM Executive Welfare Council (AFM Welfare). AFM Welfare is taking care of children since 1938.

To provide for our children

is costly and we must adhere to rules and regulations of the Department of Health and Social Development. Therefor we need financial support from potential donors.

CYCC registration:
Welfare organisation:

11 02 0059

NPO: 000 – 762
PBO: 18/11/13/1456

Jogébed is registered as a BEE company.

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Jogébed Child and Youth Care Centre

We care for neglected and abandoned children, special needs and aids orphans. Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa

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