082 538 0404
Upington Northern Cape South Africa  

Jogébed child and youth care centre
is situated in Upington, Northern Cape.

We care for abused and abandoned children, children with special needs and aids orphans. Each child, whether a day-old baby or a two-year-old toddler, is taken in and receives specialised care and medication.

We officially opened our doors on the 1st of January 2005. Jogébed has a housemother that stays in the house. We also have day and night staff as well as volunteers. Since opening our doors we have admitted 226 children. Jogébed has its own social worker that has statutory mandate. Many of our babies will be placed with forever families, some will be admitted to specialized homes and others will be placed in temporary foster care.

Abba Adoptions is the registered adoption agency that renders service to our babies and possible adoptive parents. The various adoption services are unique in terms of finding God’s purpose and destiny for each child concerned and for offering permanent care for babies as part of a family. Jogébeds baby home functions as a place of safety, caring for 10 babies at a time. In 2015 we were registered as a child and youth care centre. We receive subsidy from the Department of Social Development.

To provide for our children

is costly and we must adhere to rules and regulations form the Department of Health and Social Services. Therefore we need funds to get everything in place to be able to be financially sustainable and to provide a secure, caring environment for all our children.

Fundraising number: 01 100115005 8
Welfare organisation: 11 02 0059
NPO: 000 – 762
PBO: 18/11/13/1456

Jogébed is registered as a BEE company.
Should you wish to make a donation or contribute to one of our projects, please visit our how you can help page.

Jogébed child and youth care centre

We care for abused and abandoned children,
children with special needs and aids orphans.
Tel: 082 538 0404
Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa


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