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The Jogébed Baby and Foster Care Homes were established as part of this vision:

Research led to the changing of the children’s home into the first cottage system in South Africa which consisted of smaller house units where children were cared for by house parents.

Twenty such units were occupied in 1977 and were known as the Villa Lubet Children’s Village. During 1995 the program expanded to Vereeniging in Gauteng and during 1996 a children’s home was established in Sarepta, Kuilsriver in the Western Cape. This program could accommodate and care for 324 children found in need of care.

During 1999, whilst evaluating its programs, the AFMEWC decided to start with a decentralisation program regarding the then 324 children in the Children’s Village and its satellites in Vereeniging and the Western Cape. They decided to focus on the care of the abandoned, orphaned, HIV affected and infected, special needs babies as well as babies from mothers who experience a crisis pregnancy.

This led to the establishment of halfway homes (places of safety) which were based on the same model as the satellite homes, now called the child and youth care centre.

Origins and development

AFM Children’s Home 1936:
Dorms with matron in charge

Research showed cottage system to be more ideal:
Smaller Units
Home-like atmosphere
Parents rather than matron
Still centralised

Further development: Community care

The UMepthi project provides children with the opportunity to live closer to their families and to be part of a “normal” community and not to be stigmatised as “institutional” children.

The children are thus brought up in a “normal” home and community. This system allows for greater involvement by the community and church.

Jogébed Child and Youth Care Centre

We care for neglected and abandoned children, special needs and aids orphans. Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa

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